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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the heartbreaking v turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine 2012 iihs top safety picks. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lee the 2012 passat for $219 a month. captioned by the national captioning institute first, hundreds rally against hate following attacks against the d c k community.
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leaders make a plea for help series of violent attacks. man was shot outside of an ihop restaurant in capitol people weretwo beaten nearby. >> the message is that not beance will tolerated. series of attacks against gays, lesbians, and a transgendered president. many gathered here to protest in silence. marching in silence, protesters sending a loud message. >> he was beat up and put in the hospital. >> they got some high-ranking support on their side. >> this is something that we cannot tolerate. andundreds locked arms in base support in
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targeting hate crime -- hate crimes against the lgbt community. is about time that we did about it. it should not take all of these make this happen. >> in a nod to the popular no hate campaign, several taped to their mouths. put out pictures of those o lost their lives. her son was killed in february after she said that she was -- was killed for being transgendered. >> you could see the devil the street to my son. are highlighting a much bigger problem that they hope to saying a word. >> no arrests have been made in ih shooting incident at the op.
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the police chief says that she happy with how the investigation is progressing. >> only on seven tonight, family friends have a vigil in montgomery county for the woman dumped on d, and montgomery ave. r mcguire wasfte killed, friends and family wased support where she found. her mother and is emotional call for action. >> her mother came to her slain daughter'as a vigil trying to change a system that she hereves contributed to daughter's murder. >> is a tragedy. feared yearsther ago that it was possible but
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should have never come to pass. >> this should never have happened to my daughter. everything she could to protect her life. >> loved ones returned to e at the spotvenu where her body was found. the body was dumped out of the husband whostranged killed himself later that day. >> he had a record at that was incredible. a long arrest record. was jailed twice and quickly released for violating an order to stay away from her. he tracked her down, beat her up, and shot and killed her. >> out of jail how many times? i cannot father does. >> a monster of a man and and in perfect judicial system. a system that this mother hopes to reform.
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>> i want to change things for other people. what she would have wanted. >> you are in heaven, sister. e you so much. >> family members tell us that they had three primary goals. they want an independent review case.s the primary judge it should be the bench.m they also insist on maryland's violence laws be improved.nd they plan all lobbying the legislature. we are following breaking news coming in from the presidential campaign trail romney has scored a decisive victory in illinois over rick santorum. >> romney is expected to pick up 54e majority of illinois at delegates. about whatoke
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to them in this election. something thatow the president has not learned after three years and hundreds of billions of dollars spending and borrowing. is not the government that creates our prosperity. prosperity of america is the of free market and free they must be protected. >> we do not need a manager. we need somebody that is going pull up government by the people in the private sector. >> abc 7 is your election center. >> we are monitoring like developments from mexico where crews are assessing the damage after an earthquake hit today. dhat was centered aroun acapulco. people in our area are trying to
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to love one's that mexico.that area of >> we are getting more damage reports in. numbers we have are homes have been and 60 have collapsed. >> this earthquake is one of the strongest to hit mexico since d thousands in 1985. in mexico city, it forced tens of thousands to evacuate e mexican th parliament, which rushed into a building collapse. not for it -- are far the ocean or the resort of acapulco. this restaurant is in prince manye's county with immigrants from mexico. many are trying to see if their relatives are ok. and gillette, lopez could not through to relatives -- angelica lopez could not get
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through to her relatives for but eventually found out that they were ok. ricardo says they have been getting hundreds of calls from washington area at mexican not gets that could through. >> we try to give them as much reports as we can. >> this region has several hundred thousand mexican- americans. d trouble ha loved ones. many are relieved that the bad as it could 7.4 magnitudea quake. there are no reports of any deaths. president obama's oldest n mexico when the quake hit. was there for a service project. according to a service person,
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she is fine tonight. >> of the loudoun county board of supervisors approved a plan lyme disease. workers would spray six parks. loudoun had the worst outbreak of lyme disease in any virginia year. last it could be worse this year. the weather produced more ticks year. >> even though the blossoms are early, today marks the of the cherry blossoms festival. were out vip's celebrating at the mayflower hotel. year, the festival lasts until april 27. weeks this year. i was there wearing my pink. the cherry blossoms lead to great picture taking. to see your photos. forck on hte link
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n how to submit your photos. >> excitement is beginning to be up around the festival. are you going to be able to the blossoms? bob ryan joins us with a first look at it. >> at this has been one of the for cherry blossoms, s coming mucht i earlier. e not had any big rains or winds were sometimes called. at what is going on region. there is a line of storms to the south. there is nothing around us. no rain showers. partly cloudy skies. the temperatures are way above average. this will be bringing in a little bit of low clouds and
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fog. once again, into the 70's. wait until i tell you some of the records. >> all right. we will see you in just a bit. controversy in the district. how this may have an impact on you. 7 is on your side with a new alert. >> growing outrage amid prayers in the deadly shooting of martin >> growing outrage amid prayers in th[ male announcer ]of martin this was how my day
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>> civil-rights m. religious leaders prayed in san francisco. tonight's prayer session comes justice department investigated the circumstances surrounding trayvon martin's death. george says that he shot and killed martin in self-defense. are looking at the circumstances that led to gunfire. r of social media websites said that he heard zimmerman referred to martin breath with a racial when he called 911. if hevery hard to tell slur. does say that father wrote a letter saying his son is not a racist. this is coming up with a g call to action. >> we want to know, what about
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to defendrights himself. of family and friends voice their concerns. so in the same town where the 17-year-old lost his life. >> a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. >> the u.s. justice department their owned investigations. the martin family attorney wants him to be arrested. he spoke to his 16-year-old beforeend just moments the shooting. reports toy also zimmerman's on call to 911 the confrontation. father said that
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n was racially profiled he only stepped out to buy at a locall s convenience store. >> when somebody is arrested and convicted for the murder of martin, i will sleep better. >> in florida on the state -- a convenery is going to next month. 11:00, the d.c. on a newuts the brakes parking meter program for the disabled. they approved of legislation to stop the redtop program. they can currently park that for free for double the posted time. . the emergency legislation calls a public hearing and requires the mayor to submit a
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the council. >> 7 is on your side with new ipad.ns about the have complained that the tablet d is warmer than versions. apple denies that there is a operates within design range of 32 and 95 degrees fahrenheit. some say that they had measured temperature and it is over 100 degrees. >> it will keep your starbucks warm. >> and has been a hot winter. >> it has been unbelievable. many folks from montana? spots in had some with 7-14 inches. spot better than in with the cherry blossoms. just about seeing the sunset in
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the west. our march temperature is about degrees above average. the records. burlington, vt., 77 degrees. was hotter in burlington tenet was in washington. 7 records in a row. other spots like indianapolis, all over the place. record temperatures. oakland, california with a degrees.w 36 look at the records continuing the east all because of in thetern we have atmosphere. the jet stream diving to the south and then moving to our north. some really nasty weather. be breaking off way.oming our the next few days, this is pattern changed. it is still going to be very
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warm tomorrow. as we get into saturday and sunday, some of the leftover circulation begins to come our way. arkansas, over two inches of rain. you can see the train of in the atmosphere. it happened in many spots with some flooding. what will be coming over s we get into the weekend. not in the next couple of days. we still have the easterly wind that will be back tomorrow morning. the sunshine is breaking out all the east. it will be another warm day. temperatures again well into the 70's. at indianapolis. at 85 degrees. it will be a bit on the foggy side. another beautiful day.
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becoming partly sunny. temperatures into the 70's. by friday we are back near 80 degrees again. not a washout. on saturday and sunday. the cherry blossoms the next be better.ays will a nice day tomorrow. >> very good. >> take that, peyton manning. >> peg manning has denver mile high. stephen strasbourg battles the florida. none of this counts for real. it is getting
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>> everybody is still talking about peyton manning. his house and his to play in denver.
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the experts say that he is healthy and the broncos will y him $91 million over the next five years. peyton wants to get to work right away. spend a few weeks there he will bring his family there to relocate. what about the future of denver tim tebow?ero >> those are decisions that will other that cannot come up with me. this is a place i wanted to come football in what ever role and capacity that is. the red sox every signed an offensive guard. visit withn will redskins and the forty- niners. guy a bigst coast upside. georgetown travel to chapel hill to battle georgia tech.
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she dismantle the lady hoyas. came off the bench and hit five 3's. the high school basketball its championship. paul vi and coolidge. they combined for 30 points. paul vi it runs its record to 35-3 for its first ever city title. the high school girls' championship. with 19 points. she caused all sorts of problems for good counsel. n the city title. strausburg had his best spring outing to date, but still lost mets. allowedt-handed ace just one run over five innings. in the fourth inning, duda said
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this. young stars. opposite field, solo home run. strasburg's best outing of the spring. inbert arenas is back basketball. him for the rest the season.
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[ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. get it and you're in. >> here rico. >> tomorrow, temperatures will in the 70's. keep posted on the weather page. big deal about the equinoxes and the cherry blossoms.
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the weather tomorrow is in the 70's. turn left. the passat is one of nine volkswagen models named a 2012 iihs top safety pick. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right.
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come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine top safety picks like the passat and jetta. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month.
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